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All Good Things...

It's painful.  For us, it's true.

Of course there's no such thing, but it certainly seems that the Twins weren't supposed to win this game.  Nor were they supposed to win the series.  Minnesota caught no bounces, caught all the bad breaks, couldn't get the big hits or pitches when they were needed, and gets bounced from October in three consecutive games.

Advancing to the ALCS are the Oakland Athletics, who deserve all the congratulations in the world.  Big plays, big moments and well played games enabled them to walk through the Twins like they were just another team.  I'm now hoping for an Oakland/Detroit ALCS.

It's been a crazy year, for sure.  The abysmal beginning, the double-take June and July, and the spectacular finish made 2006 a season to remember.  Some of my "Remember When" moments:

  1. Justin Morneau recognizes a pitch in early June.  You could see it in his eyes.  He was on fire, ever since.
  2. Juan Castro and Tony Batista were shipped off.  Two massive deadweights, and two players whom the bloggosphere almost unanimously despised.  That was great.
  3. Joe Mauer hit .400 into July.  He was SO HOT, nothing could get by him.  Ninja-style hits and the sweetest swing since Ken Griffey Jr.
  4. Francisco Liriano making almost anyone who stepped in to face him look like a bitch.  Wow, this guy was awesome.
  5. Torii Hunter's torrid September.  For one month, Hunter turned into the player many of us thought he was for a short while in 2002.
  6. Brad Radke's comeback.  Enough said.
  7. Pat Neshek getting called up, and eveyone talking about 'the new guy's funky delivery'.  For the first few weeks, he was unhittable.
  8. The piranhas, kicking asses and taking names.  Thanks, Ozzie.  The name is probably best suited left in 2006, but it was a great nickname and a great way to pull a team together.
  9. Sideburns.
  10. The final day of the season, the Twins taking the division crown from the Tigers.  It's small consolation, especially since we're out and Detroit is still playing, but HEY...WE are the division champions.
Post some of your own memories.  Be sure not to wander too far during the offseason, either.  There will be plenty of discussion and speculation on the season to come, as well as review from the season left behind.  For now, have yourself a good cry and try to enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

It's still baseball, after all.  It's a great sport.