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SB Nation 2006 Awards: Rookie of the Year

Front-page contributors to SB Nation websites were asked to cast ballots after the season for the awards we're all used to seeing.  First place votes were worth 5 points, second place votes were worth 3 points and third place was worth one.

American League Rookie of the Year:  Justin Verlander

Verlander was one of several emerging stars contributing to the Tigers World Series run.  Just 23, he went 17-9 with a 3.63 ERA in 186 innings.  He struck out 124 men, walked 60 and allowed 187 hits.  Here are the vote totals from the American League.

Points  Name
  66    Justin Verlander
  35    Francisco Liriano
  35    Jonathan Papelbon
  14    Jered Weaver
   8    Kenji Johjima
   3    Esteban German
   1    Howie Kendrick

There were bound to be votes for players who didn't deserve votes, but I'm not sure how Kendrick (as talented as his is and as good as he was in only 72 games) gets a vote.  Esteban German, while technically a rookie, has now seen time in five seasons dating back to 2002, and is a little old at 28.

In the end, the man who should have won did win, and that's what matters.  Liriano turned in a stellar season before going down (12-3, 144K, 121IP), and Papelbon was one of the few relief pitchers who had a better season than Joe Nathan.  Papelbon was absolutely sick, notching a 0.92 ERA with 75 strikeouts in 68 innings.  Justin Verlander was simply just too good over the entire year, playing a major role in Detroit's successes in the regular season.

National League Rookie of the Year:  Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez is one of FIVE Marlins to make this list.  Ramirez was voted the best however, and rightly so.  In 633 at-bats, Ramirez hit .292/.353/.480 with 17 homers, 46 doubles and 51 stolen bases.  WOW.

Points Name
  74    Hanley Ramirez
  72    Ryan Zimmerman
  41    Dan Uggla
  18    Josh Johnson
  12    Anibal Sanchez
  10    Cla Meredith
   7    Prince Fielder
   7    Takashi Saito
   4    Josh Willingham
   4    Josh Barfield
   2    Matt Cain
   1    Andre Ethier

Ramirez, Uggla, Johnson, Sanchez and Willingham were the Marlins making the list.  Four of the top five men were from Florida!  And they didn't want to bring back Girardi?  Idiots.