Projected Playing Time-2006

Predicting Playing Time for 2006

One of the toughest things about trying to predict a team's performance before the season starts is figuring out how many games each player is going to play.  Obviously, there will be injuries, and while we don't know exactly who is going to get injured, we do know which players are injury risks.  In addition to injuries, we have to try to get in the mind of one Ron Gardenhire to figure out which players he'll pencil in the lineup and which players he'll keep on the bench.

With all of that in mind, I'm too curious to wait until the season starts to get an idea of how good the offense will be this season.  So, with that ultimate goal in mind, here are my current best guesses at playing time for this season.  If you see anything you think could be improved, or that I've overlooked, let me know, as I plan on following this up with a post on how the offense will look given these playing time estimates.

Estimates by position:

Last     First   Pos   Games
Mauer    Joe      C     135
Redmond  Mike     C      27

Morneau  Justin   1B    125
Cuddyer  Mike     1B     22
Jones    Garrett  1B     15

Castillo Luis     2B    140
Punto    Nick     2B     22

Bartlett Jason    SS    130
Castro   Juan     SS     27
Punto    Nick     SS      5

Batista  Tony     3B    120
Punto    Nick     3B     15
Castro   Juan     3B     15
Cuddyer  Mike     3B     12

Stewart  Shannon  LF    120
Ford     Lew      LF     42

Hunter   Torii    CF    130
Ford     Lew      CF     32

Cuddyer  Mike     RF     90
Ford     Lew      RF     42
Kubel    Jason    RF     30

White    Rondell  DH    125
Sierra   Ruben    DH     15
Ford     Lew      DH     22

Estimates by player:

Last      First   Games
Castillo  Luis     140
Ford      Lew      138
Mauer     Joe      135
Bartlett  Jason    130
Hunter    Torii    130
Morneau   Justin   125
White     Rondell  125
Cuddyer   Mike     124
Batista   Tony     120
Stewart   Shannon  120
Punto     Nick      42
Castro    Juan      42
Kubel     Jason     30
Redmond   Mike      27
Jones     Garrett   15
Sierra    Ruben     15