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AL Central Roundtable IV and V, and Notes on Kirby's Tribute

Stop by Royals Review and Bless You Boys to see division previews from the final two roundtable teams.

I didn't make it to the Dome last night, but I did watch it on television.  There were some nice highlights, but for the first time that I can recall I actually enjoyed listening to most of the speakers.  I've come up with a few awards based on what I saw last night, and you should feel free to list some of your own.  Some are honest opinions, and some are a little more light-hearted.

Award for Best Song:  Mudcat Grant, "It's A Wonderful World"
Award for Drunkest Speech:  Dan Gladden
Award for Best Speech:  Al Newman
Award for Best Story:  Cal Ripken, Jr.
Award for Most Heartfelt Speech:  Kent Hrbek
Award for Most Nonsensical/Meandering Speech:  Harmon Killebrew
Award for "Wow, I Didn't Remember You Looking Like This":  Tom Kelly

It really was a fitting tribute, in the fact that none of it seemed too contrived, and nothing took away from the fact that it was a tribute to Kirby Puckett. Not the Twins, not the speakers, not the singers, just Kirby.

Don't let my smartass awards fool you. Dan Gladden had something to say. Tom Kelly did a great job. Even ol' Andy got a kinda choked up. It was tought to watch and not be moved; at least a little. Between the highlights and the outpouring of love and emotion, it certainly meant something to me. Hopefully you've found your way of dealing with the loss of Kirby, no matter what he's meant to you.

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