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Like Any Good Shortstop...

...there comes a time to bite the dust.

Let me see.  How can I break this to you in a way that won't shock you.  No, not to the Twins, we have a VERY torrid relationship.  I'm proposing to my girlfriend.  The issue is that the vixen is English, and she lives across the pond.  This means that right around the time you're settling down for dinner tonight, I'll be busy enjoying the pull of additional G-Force on my body as my plane lifts off.  Well, not MY plane...but my flight.

Get this...this is my first time flying.  I know, right?  In this day and age?  Family vacations when I was younger--we drove.  Living in New York--94 to 90 to 80, interstate all the way.  I've been to Canada twice, but I'm not proud of it, and I certainly didn't fly.  Anyway, I hope I experience turbulence, because at this point I think it would be fun.  I'll let you know if I change my mind.

In my 21-day absence, Twinkie Town will not lie dormant.  No, dear friends, not during such times as Opening Day and the Home Opener.  While I'm gone there will be three names you recognize taking care of Twinkie Town:  ubelmann, cmathewson and mbennett.  They'll be your administrators over the next three weeks, as the time needed to properly devote to you and this site is something I won't have.  But, if I do find a spare three hours to do some research, you know I'll be here.

Also, while I'm gone, there will be a couple of guest columns by bloggers you'll recognize.  They've been kind enough to agree to my request, and I hope you'll enjoy their posts as much as I will.

Thanks to those of you who will oversee things over the next three weeks, and thanks to the bloggers who have agreed to post guest columns at Twinkie Town.  Enjoy the beginning of the baseball season; I promise I'll miss it.  I suppose there's a first time for everything...

Enjoy Opening Day, it has to be better than crickett...