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The three big make or break things

The day comes...well, in about 4 days. Opening day...thank ya Jebus. There is a great deal of question in my mind regarding the 2006 twins. Sadly, the twins are no longer the only club in the central. The bitchsox and the indians are going to be very good this year, that is a simple and plain truth. The twins can't make the sox or the indians any better, but they can control their own destiny. Frankly, I feel very confident that the twins will have as good a chance to win the division this year as anyone...despite the questions regarding the squad.

When looking at the potential issues at the top of this season...three jump out at me as being make or break issues for the 2006 Minnesota Twins. So, without further adieu, here are my 2006 make or breaks.

1) Will Rondell hit .300 (or there abouts?):

This is a question that I can already guess people attacking. But, being Rondell is the DH, and being he has the potential to be that .300 hitting-doubles machine, it comes down to whether or not he can do what he can do. Rondell is going to be a key component, and I feel that his offense, or lack there of, will be an indicator for the whole squad.

2) Which Torii comes to the park?:

Is he going to be the bang into the wall number 48, or a more cautious #48? His defense will indicate his overall feeling, and that of course will carry into not only his defense, but his offense as well. No need to say anything else.

3) Does Carlos Silva win 13 (+ or - 2) games?:

Santana will be himself, Bradke will be better than it comes down to carlos. If he can get Castillo lots of balls for double plays, all will be well. If Carlos is dangling fasties around the belt...bad news. He is going to be the key pitcher on the staff. I feel Carlos is better than the majority of the number 3 pitchers in the AL...but the question is...can he perform that way?

That is simple list...what are all of your thoughts?