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Post-Game Review

Twins Win!  Twins Win!  Well, I suppose it's what should have happened.  It's not like we deserve a reward or least, not yet.  Here are a few observations from tonight's gritty...erm, grizzly...sure, gritty, performance.

Tony Batista

The way Dick Bremer was calling the game, you'd think Batista was pulling some All Star calibre plays at the hot corner.  Frankly they were all routine plays made to look non-routine by Batista's girlish figure.  The two throws to first base that barely got the runners sure looked exciting, though, didn't they?  And watching Batista scuddle, as fast as his body would take him, up to the ball?

Despite the obvious Junk In The Trunk, as long as he continues to make routine plays I'll try and stay off his butt.  Back.  I meant back.

Justin Morneau

Speaking of routine plays, Morneau biffed one tonight that, for a while, looked like the difference in the game.  Sure, he may have had to make a physical adjustment to avoid hitting the runner on the throw home, but it was still a relatively easy play to make.  Yes, I know the ball was wet and had a little spin, but it's not an excuse.

He also looked good striking out in that last at-bat.  Justin, dude.  I love you.  But you're seriously bumming me out.

Kyle Lohse

How do you walk THAT many people and still only give up one run?  I can't decide whether I should be happy with you for pitching out of trouble or mildly distressed due to the amazing innaccuracy of your pitches.  If this was the Yankees and you walked that many men, let's just say there wouldn't be many soft spots in the order for you to catch your breath.

Regardless, he made the pitches he had to make, when he had to make them.  There were few spectacular plays in the field (see Batista's comments above) to back him up, so mostly it was a combination of good pitches and bad execution by the Royals at the plate.

Scott Elarton

Speaking of bad execution, do you remember when the Twins had runners on first and third with nobody out?  Yeah, in the seventh inning?  I do!  Torii Hunter sucked.  Then Justin Morneau sucked.  Finally, Tony Batista sucked.  In fact, for the first two outs of the inning, Elarton recorded his first two strikeouts of the game!  It was amazing.  And incredibly FRUSTRATING.

I love baseball.

Torii Hunter

There are few players on the squad for the Twins, or in baseball in general, that I want to see succeed more than Torii Hunter.  Just a little plate discipline, that's all I ask.  I know it's impossible, Torii...maybe just a little better pitch selection?  Nothing infuriates me more than watching Hunter pop the ball up to the infield.  Just drive the ball man!  You can do this, I've seen you do it before!

Joe Mauer

How I've missed that swing.  Nice turn on an inside pitch tonight to drive a base hit to right.  Nice RBI single.  It all makes me forget he was picked off earlier in the game.  Mauer for President!

Lew Ford

When Lew was almost hit by a pitch late in the game, and barely spun out of the way, I realized something.  His agility has levelled up to 18.

Francisco Liriano

You will soon spell filthy L-I-R-I-A-N-O.  I'm not sure if it was Reggie Sanders losing the bat into the crowd on a changeup, the blistering heat, or the mind and knee-bending slider, but once this guy learns to control his Jedi powers he's going to be something special.  Check out the K/9 numbers for yourself, they fortell of something better than Christmas morning.

The Win

It wasn't pretty, but it's all that matters.  I'll see you tomorrow.