Letter to the elected officials

Today I decided to write my congresswoman, and my senator regarding the ballpark bill. I am posting my letter today, because I feel it is an angle which I haven't heard yet. The letter was modified, to take some info out. Without any further adieu...

"Good morning, my name is M. Bennett, and I am a resident of the city of Columbia Heights. My wife and I purchased our first home in "the
heights" in February of 2005.

I am writing quickly to offer my support for a twins stadium, but I want to back my support with some thoughts and a question. Now, I
will concede that I am a twins fan, and I truly enjoy the sport of baseball; but this is not where my "pro-stadium" stance comes from. My
support comes from what having a professional baseball team in the state offers the state in regards to funding.

Eighty-one times per year, the twins play in Minneapolis, bringing at least 13,000 fans to each game, with the average attendance being much higher than that figure. These fans pay to park, they pay to eat hotdogs, drink soda/beer, etc. These eighty-one games also bring in opposing players/coaches and their
families who stay at Minneapolis hotels, and eat at Minneapolis restaurants. The presence of baseball also enables individuals to be
employed in the areas of maintenance, vendors, front office staff, etc. These are the reasons I am in favor of a new ballpark, and this leads me
to my question.

If the stadium bill isn't passed, the Twins will more than likely leave the state of Minnesota. From a business perspective, if the Twins were
offered their own ballpark, in another state, where they would receive revenue from the hot dogs, beer and the like, then they, the twins,
would be foolish not to take it. So, my question is the city/state planning on recouping the lost revenue of 81 ballgames per year if the twins leave? What steps will be taken to keep the city and the state income stream where it is with the twins in Minnesota?

I feel most people can admit that without a new stadium, the twins will leave. Can the state of Minnesota afford to allow that revenue leave the
state? That is my question, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this constituent's thoughts."

I have already received a response from my congresswoman thanking me for my opinion, but she will be voting against the bill. That is fine, that is her job to represent her area in the way which she feels is most appropriate. I was a tad bit displeased that there was no mention of my questions regarding what the contingency plan would be, if the twins left. But what can I do, I wrote, I tried. Now...time will tell.