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5 on not hockey

Alrighty kids...the first one is done...and they lost. Here comes the big "eh." I feel that it is hard to beat a team in their home opener. Especially when the Jays went shopping/spending this winter in the same fashion as Paris Hilton goes shopping for shoes and lame crap for her chihuahua. Regardless, there were things, both positive and negative, which I noticed. So, lets look at a 5 on 5, positives and negatives of opening day. Lets start with the negatives:

Negatives -

  1. Batista's lack of range: This concerned me in the offseason, and it really made me cringe a bit yesterday. Now, I must admit, a few balls were scorched at him, but from the tv angle, they seems to be only 2-3 feet to his left. Come on Tony, gimme a little dive and let me see all that flub jiggle! Maybe he is still getting his sea legs under him, but if not, this will prove to be a very large problem.
  2. J.MO's flailing bat: I hope this isn't act 2 of the bad play we saw last year...but man J.Mo sure looked tense at the plate, as we saw him for the majority of last year. Come to think of it, the only time I remember seeing him relaxed...was right after he got beaned. Can someone send a message to Towers that he may feel free to hit J.Mo in the Gord? Maybe then, we can see good solid swings from the big guy, instead of what we have become used to.
  3. Castillo's slappy left-handed swing: As I write this, I look to my right, and see that someone else has already touched on this. I shall write no more about this.
  4. The dictator looked better at the plate than anyone (besides Stewart): I am glad this was just one game, because if this were a long term truth, my tears would be dripping like rain. Honestly though, Castro looked ready, and solid at the dish. I hope everyone else decides to "come to class prepared" this evening.
  5. Johan not quite sharp: It is weird, my friends and I have determined that Johan needs to say to himself "it is July 17th." Being from July on, he is unstoppable. He truly looked better than he has in other years, at least at the beginning of the year, but we know much better is on the horizon. How far on the horizon...that I don't know.
Alright, and now on to the positives...
Positives -
  1. Shannon Stewart: A great defensive play, 3 for 4 with a knock, and just a good plate presence. Frankly, I was skeptical about Shannon continuing to lead-off when Castillo is on the squad...but hey, if he feels like going 3 for 4 each game, I say leadoff mister stewart, leadoff.
  2. Rinroid: Juanny looked good. A key strikeout against Wells (i think it was wells), and just a great outing. Very nice to see, especially since he is getting over an injury. boot...he threw his innings while saying "look Roids!"
  3. Kubel's knee...and arm: Well, if he can start on opening day, that must mean that the squad has a great deal of confidence in his health. Also, Kubel has a really good arm. Now if he can get a bit of Torii-esque accuracy...hitters will have to try and get the ball to Stewie for sac flys.
  4. Torii's mobility: I was very concerned about this. Then, he flashed his speed, and ran all the way back on a ball and caught it. I sighed, probably with many fans, a sigh of relief. Thank you Torii for taking care of that ankle...we need it, and you for this season.
  5. The eyes of Rondell and Castillo: The pitches that were called strikes on them were absolutely absurd. Especially Rondell's pitch. As was said by Dick, "Usually, when they end up in the dirt, they aren't strikes." So, the positive of this is the fact that they had the eyes to not swing at these pitches...which were called strikes.
Well that is that. Hopefully I will have 10 positives and 0 negatives for game 2 tonight!