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Administrative Update, May 1, 2005


Thanks to everyone who has been posting lately!  There've been a few new ones each day generally, and it's nice to see...especially when the team blows as much as it does right now.  It's been a tough April, and an especially tough weekend getting blown away by the Tigers, but it's still early.  May officially begins today, and there are still five full months of baseball ahead.


...I read my article from earlier and go "PFFT!!!"  I know, I wrote it, and I meant it, but really it's never going to happen.  It was written to prove a number of points, but I became sidetracked in trying to write a persuasive argument, and when I'm mildly intoxicated it doesn't even work on me.  Good work, Lundie.


you giant douche bags (you know who you are), if I see you link to something that shouldn't be linked to here, I will kick you out.

I had to ban a member today.  If I see anyone ever link to anything that is either not appropriate or is irrelevant in a solicitor's manner, I will ban you.  No, most of you aren't the douche bags I'm referring to, but there was just one out there and I won't stand for it.

Everyone else I love.  Even the people I don't agree with.


Moving on to something a bit more interesting, our numbers are up across the board.  We're still not the most popular blog but we're moving up.  We're averaging roughly 450 unique visits per day since opening our doors, and averaging nearly 1500 page visits per day.

Generally, since the start of March, our numbers are way up.  We topped 2000 page visits yesterday for the fourth time in April.  This was amazing for a Sunday, because we're usually down on the weekends.  Unique visits, during the week since the beginning of March, have generally been in the upper 500's.

Double thanks to those who post here at twinkietown, and also to those who visit on a daily basis.  Be sure to make your presence known!


I suppose I should let you all know how my trip went.  First, I should apoligize for spelling cricket wrong; I didn't do it on purpose, Victor, I promise.

We visited Wimpole Hall, the Vixen and I, and while strolling through the gardens I proposed and she said yes.  It was romantic, if I say so myself, and quite satisfying in many ways.  I truly, truly couldn't be happier.  We'll be getting married at the Ely Cathedral.

What do you think I'm doing?


A public thank you to the three who took over the site while I was out of the country.  Many thanks to ubelmann, cmathewson and mbennett, without whom it could have been a very slow April.  Each has their own style and their own gifts they brought to the table, which is why I asked them to do the job.  I can't thank the three of you enough, and if there's ever anything any of you need I encourage you to come to me.


So, Twins...whadday say we get the show on the road?  I think we have everone fooled...