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Twins Send Down Lohse; Bring Up Bonser

Admit it, the first thing you're doing is going out and putting "Boof" on the back of a jersey...

As I mentioned in King Kyle, Lohse didn't have the luxury of making just one quality start.  He had to prove something, and last night he proved he couldn't get himself out of a jam.  In a move the Emperor saw clearer than Luke's fall to the Dark Side, Kyle Lohse was finally demoted to AAA.

In his place is a pitcher with one of the coolest names around.  Whether or not he'll stick around long enough for chants of "BOOOOOOOFF!" to rapport through the metrodome seats for more than a couple of starts, I have no idea.  So far in Rochester, Bonser had been doing what we expected him to do:  get better than he was last year.  So far in 2006, Bonser is posting a 2.01 ERA to match up with 47 K's in 49 1/3 innings.

Boof Bonser makes his major league debut Sunday against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Welcome to The Show, rookie.