Castro's non-errors

I just want to point out that Castro made three errors last night that were not scored errors. One throw was up the line and they gave Lawton a base hit. The next guy hit a home run. Another play clanked off his glove and they gave the guy a single, which also scored a run. A third play clanked off his glove and they gave the guy a double. Combined with the first glove clank (which was a tougher play) that last play would have gotten the Twins out of the innning behind 3-1. Instead, they were behind 7-1. By my Minnesot math, Castro should have been charged with three errors and five of the eight runs should have been unearned.

I bought the argument that Castro was more sure handed than Bartlett, but I've seen a lot of balls clanking off his glove lately. When they say this guy does not make errors, I think he's extrememly fortunate to have charitable offical scorers, not just at home. There were three plays on the road trip that I thought should have been errors but the home-town scorer gave the guy a hit. I've been keeping track of this, and, if I were official scorer for all of the Twins games so far, Castro would have 8 errors.

Combined with his lack of range, which makes even routine plays look spectacular and makes tough plays clank off his glove, he's showing average fielding at best. When you play teams like the Mariners, who have a terrific shortstop, Castro's defensive deficiencies become obvious. Bettancourt would have fielded all those balls, and several others that Castro didn't even get to, cleanly.

It's just obvious to me that this guy is incapable of playing every day. When he was fresh out of spring traiing, he looked great. But one month into the season, he's already worn out and dogging it. He looks tiered and lackidasical out there. Last night was brutal.