and as a side note, today's game; Gardy made the right move

I am thrilled to be getting a ballpark, so there's nothing too major to complain about.  Obviously, I was a little upset with the way Crain blew the game, but I think it was the right move by Gardy.  Boof pitched a great game, and it likely will only get harder for him as teams scout him and since he is prone to control problems, thus he was in line for the win and tempting him with delusions of a one run complete game debut would have likely led to trouble and affected his psyche for the next start.  Crain has just been iffy this year and let his team down in a big way, but who else could've been brought in, Rincon or Guerrier seem the only trustable options outside of Nathan.  

Also, I know I am in the minority, but I have always supported the Batista signing this year.  This weekend, he showed why, marginally improving defense with L-Rod or Tiffee does little if they can't bring in runs.  Batista's average may be low, but he provides pop at the bottom of the order that can change a game's dynamics as opposed to just another doubles-singles hitter.  

Castro's still got to go and WTF is up with White.  You are hitting below .200 get 2 at bats the whole weekend, have no legs to steal, and somehow manage to get picked off first base with no outs.  That is just plain horrible.  I'm a firm believer that if your bread and butter isn't working, you've got to do the other things to compensate until it turns around.  Take Ford for example, he's hitting below .250 but has been willing to play hard nosed defense, swipe bases, step into pitches, and draw timely walks.  I felt sorry for RonDL and his below average season up until today, you are getting paid 3 million and sucking, DON'T GET PICKED OFF 1st BASE!