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Weekend Links and Notes

Poor Boof.  Poor, poor Boof.

The biggest news of the weekend, as most of us already know, is that the Twins have a very, VERY good chance of having a new ballpark.  This is great because it'll be around a couple of years before I'll have kids which means I'll get to take my eventual kids to the new Twins stadium, kids I DON'T have and yet seem to be willing to plan a future for that includes them which for the first time in my life isn't freaking the ABSOLUTE CRAP out of me.  Have I mentioned I'm crazy?  Anyway, Shane wraps up my sentiments on the stadium debacle perfectly.

Speaking of kids (was I?), CONGRATULATIONS, SETH!

It's been 53 days since the Twins' brain-trust lost it's collective mind.

Deepest sympathies to Aaron Gleeman, whose dog passed away last week.  It's hard to know what a pet can mean to you until you have one; there are still days when I expect Pepper to be laying in the grass in the back yard.  I'm sorry, Aaron.

Be sure to check out Roger's latest minor league report.  We may be seeing a few of these players a bit sooner than anticipated if things don't turn around quickly.

Ubelmann had Kyle's back this week, and his post received comments up the wazoo.  Mostly, lots of great thoughts to a pretty good argument in Kyle's defense.  Nice job.

Speaking of comments, here's a brief sidenote from VinceT.  While there isn't much new to say, he broaches a hot topic of debate.  Ah, Batista.  You have a way of getting under everyone's skin!  But hey...nice Slam.

Dammit, Shannon!  NOT.  AGAIN.

Boof didn't look too shabby yesterday.  I'm definately not expecting this every time out, but he did his job very well for being his MLB debut.  Golf clap for Boof.

Andrew may have been about to graduate, but he had other things on his mind.  Well done, college graduate.  Golf clap for you as well.

John Sickels of Minor League Ball fame takes a moment to remember Brian Harper and his moustache, and he also looks back at the first round of the 2000 draft.  Adam Johnson...ouch.

Frightwig makes a good point.  When the leader of your country has this look in his eyes, you have to wonder why he just stands there when he sees the headlights.

This has been posted at other Twins blogging areas, but I'll ask you.  Is this supposed to be Aaron Gleeman?  Either way it's really, really funny.

Nick lists off some thoughts that closely resemble my own on the Twins, as of late.

I'm going.  If you don't the Footman will come after you.