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Community Projection: Twins 2007

Big decisions are coming.  How soon depends on the success of the team over the next few weeks.  Names that have been associated with the Minnesota organization for up to 10 years could be gone.  So, what does the roster look like on opening day in 2007?

Torii Hunter is due $12 million dollars.  Brad Radke has said he'll retire.  Shannon Stewart's contract is up.  So is Luis Castillo's.  Tony Batista isn't impressing anyone, Rondell White is having a career season, Ruben Sierra is old.  Kyle Lohse and Carlos Silva have been removed from the rotation already.  Juan Rincon isn't on paper to return.  Joe Nathan's price gets steep ($5.25 million in 2007; $6 million in 2008).  All these factors will contribute to quite a different roster come next spring.

Barring a firesale, Joe Nathan will probably return.  Carlos Silva is under contract through 2007, although if he continues to get knocked around his contract carries a light $100K buyout.  Torii will want to stay, but it's probably not in the cards.  Juan Castro's option should be bought out for $50K.

Twins Roster in 2007
Pos  Name                 Age      Salary

C    Joe Mauer             24   $7,000,000 (A1)
1B   Justin Morneau        26   $3,000,000 (A1)
LF   Jason Kubel           25     $327,000 (M)
RF   Michael Cuddyer       28   $2,500,000 (A2)
IF   Luis Rodriguez        27     $327,000 (M)
OF   Lew Ford              30   $1,200,000 (A2)
SP   Johan Santana         28  $12,000,000
SP   Fransisco Liriano     23     $327,000 (M)
SP   Scott Baker           25     $327,000 (M)
LR   Carlos Silva          28   $4,000,000
CL   Joe Nathan            32   $5,250,000
Total                          $36,258,000
M = Minumum
E = Estimate
A1, A2, A3 = Arbitration Estimates

There are names I could pencil in, but I want to see who you think makes the roster.  Names like Matt Guerrier, Boof Bonser and Nick Punto come to mind, but beyond the names we know, who can we plug in?  Who's ready?  Who's on the free agent list after the year that the Twins could go after?

Feel free to speculate.  If you think Hunter restructures, pencil him in.  If you think Rincon resigns, pencil him in.  Will Jason Bartlett get his chance by the end of the year?

It's very subjective, so explore the options and justify what you need to.