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Ouch...Another Heartbreaker...

Who's that guy, in that one movie by Guy Ritchie...

...or maybe it's Richie, but anyway, he's actually in two of his movies.  One has to do with a smoking shotgun and another with a pseudonym for something else.  Anyway, in a different movie he's in there's a scene where they play Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker over his cross-country car chase, and it's pretty cool.  So, yeah.  Tonight, for the Twins, was like that.  Sort of.  Cool mostly, but in the end it was a heartbreaker.

I have to apologize for what's been my recent absence, and what will continue to be a sparse attendance over the next 4 days.  The Vixen has chosen to surprise me with a visit from across the pond as of Friday (3 days ago), and being this is the last time I'll see her until September I'm guessing I'll be busy doing things engaged people do.  And I'm happy to do them.

So please, dear friends, there's no cause for alarm!  Before you know it I'll be posting quasi-delusional thoughts on pitch counts, Santana's greatness and roster speculation, and it will seem like I was never really gone at all.