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TwinkieTown Community Thoughts: Erubiel Durazo

In spite of the consecutive Twins victories, I still have little confidence in our offense.  Today I'll present some numbers for a player who the Twins could be had for relatively little, and you can debate and discuss the finer points of aquiring him.  His name is Erubiel Durazo.  Should we sign him?  Why or why not?

Erubiel Durazo
AGE:  32
POS:  1B
B/T:  L/L

Year    Age   AB   OBP    OPS
1999     25  155  .422  1.016
2000     26  196  .373   .817
2001     27  175  .372   .909
2002     28  222  .395   .945
2003     29  537  .374   .804
2004     30  511  .396   .919
2005     31  152  .306   .673
Career      1948  .381   .868

In 2005 with the Athletics, the 31-year old Durazo was pretty beaten up, and went through some health issues after being a full-time player for the first time in his career the previous two seasons.  This spring, Durazo had been released by the Rangers before re-signing with them two weeks later.  Here are his minor-league numbers so far this spring.

Games  AB  OBP   OPS  BB  SO  HR
  20   73 .366  .791   9  12   2

By no means is he ripping apart the competition, but his numbers have been very solid.

Erubiel Durazo plays first base, and he could be a designated hitter.  When playing full-time, he has the potential to hit homers into the upper teens.  Not a lot of power, but has a swing to create doubles.

What would it take to acquire Durazo?  Is it worth it?  What could be done in order to make room for him on the MLB roster?