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Rob Bowen, Game Winner

Wait...he doesn't play for us anymore?

In the bottom of the tenth inning in San Diego this evening, Rob Bowen hit his second career home run, a solo shot, to end a game that had been stuck at 1-1.  Bowen's career highlight lifted the Padres over the Cubs, 2-1.

During the top half of the tenth inning, Jacque Jones struck out swinging with a man on second base.  Jones, who was batting cleanup, struck out four times in the game to go 0-4.  It's no secret that Jones has been having a tough time of it in Chicago, but tonight was brutal on the former Minnesota right fielder.  One thing we don't miss about Jones:  too many strikeouts.

Between the two former Twins, if you were asked who would hit a game-winning homer, you'd be hard pressed to guess Bowen.  He'd been claimed off waivers twice already this young season, and he never really looked comfortable in his cups of coffee with the Twins.

Tonight was different.  On a pitch low over the plate, the left-handed Bowen turned and pulled the ball a hair over the right-center field fence.  Tonight, Rob Bowen looked like he belonged.  He looked like a major league baseball player.

Congratulations, Rob Bowen.  Here's hoping you get a few more like tonight.