Bartlett Likely Promoted!

Thanks to ericinmadison for the heads up in the comments section.

Bartlett appears to be very likely promoted from AAA, with Batista the odd man out.  This tidbit is what I find most interesting:

It could be just the first of two moves in about a two-week window to shed the roster of veteran hitters acquired in the off-season to boost the lowest-scoring lineup in the American League last year. Rondell White, the .190-hitting designated hitter, is in line for a possible release when left fielder Shannon Stewart or outfielder Ruben Sierra returns from the DL. Both are expected back by the end of next week.

More Kubel and Bartlett and less White and Batista can only mean good things for the 2007 Twins, which is the team I'm most concerned about now.

All we have to hope for now is that Gardy actually plays Bartlett when Castro remains on the roster.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

Update: Also, the Rochester Red Wings' main page is reporting that Bartlett has been promoted. (That link will undoubtedly age poorly, btw.)