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I turned 26 on Thursday, and I swear I can feel the gray hairs sticking out the back of my head.  Yikes.

Last year I did this over at Twins Territory; "honoring" my birthday by finding things relating to the Twins that had to do with the number 25.  I listed things like "the age of Rivas and Bartlett" and "the height of Nick Punto in inches".  It's the same story this year, only with the number 26.

26-Number of runs scored by Lew Ford.

26-Number of walks taken by Michael Cuddyer.

26-Number on the back of Boof Bonser's jersey.

26-How many innings Lohse will pitch for the Twins before he leaves.

26-The number of home runs Torii Hunter will hit this year.

26-Number of games Ron Gardenhire has been kicked out of a game this season.

26-Number of donuts Batista chowed between innings.

26-From my birthday, the number of days to the All Star game.

26-Number of walks Carlos Silva will issue in 2006.

26-Height of Nick Punto in inches (growth spurt!).

26-Number of miles David Ortiz's ball would have been hit on Thursday, had the PA speaker not been in the way.

26-How many games Stewart will be allowed to play in the outfield the rest of the season.

26-Quantity of at-bats until Rondell White's fate is tied to Batista's.

26-How many games the Twins will win on the road the rest of the season.

26-Number of saves Joe Nathan will collect this season.

26-Number of teams Ruben Sierra has played for.

26-How many hairs remain on the top of Jesse Crain's head.

26-Hits Justin Morneau had in his breakout month of May.

26-Minutes until the baseball world finally realizes Joe Mauer deserves to be the leading vote-getter at the catcher position for July's All Star game.

All of these statements are true, regardless of what the facts and reality may tell you.