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Mauer Edges Ichiro In Contest of Hot Bats

Can you believe these guys?

I mentioned coming into the series against the Mariners how hot Joe Mauer and Ichiro Suzuki had been.  Suzuki was hitting .441/.482/.532 since May 18, while Mauer had been hitting .458/.492/.695 since the 19th.  Ichiro's 1.014 OPS in that period is fantastic, but is just bumped by Mauer's 1.187.  Over the course of the series it was Joe Mauer who narrowly out-streaked Ichiro again.  Over a three game set, the two collected 20 hits, good for nearly 30% of the hits combined in the series.

Player               AB   H 2B  HR  BB  K SB  Avg  Obp   Slg   Ops
Joe Mauer            12   9  5   0   3  0  1 .750 .800 1.167 1.967
Ichiro Suzuki        16  11  0   1   0  0  0 .688 .688  .875 1.563
Totals               28  20  5   1   3  0  1 .714 .741 1.000 1.741

Watching two of the game's best hitters dispose of pitch after pitch with ease, watching pitch after pitch fly into the zone and streak back in the opposite direction a split second later, watching each of them putting their bat on the ball with the grace and look of a man who knew exactly what was was the best part of the series.

Apart from Cuddyer's grand slam.  Speaking of which...

Well that last one should have been a called strike, and this one's coming into the same area, I'd better take a little poke at this one...

Raul Ibanez, Space Emperor of the Universe, can't use his telekinetic powers  to bring this one back.  It's 9-9, Minnesota, FREAK OUT!!!

Damn, Cuddyer, we love you!  Of course the Twins lost in extra innings...but I didn't think we'd make it that far.

Series Wrapup

In general the three-game set was a disapointment, if only because we let a poor team beat us...also a poor team.  If we can't beat the poor teams...well, at least we can still look forward to beating Kansas City.

Boof Bonser is getting skipped in the rotation, which could possibly spell the end of his stay with the Twins for now.  With how readily the organization has been willing to toss their pitchers between the rotation, the bullpen and the minors, it's no surprise that Boof's poor outings have put him on the rocks.  He had trouble commanding his fastball, and when you have trouble commanding your set-up pitch the rest of your pitches lose the foundation for their effectiveness.

With Lohse possibly in the recall picture, you have to wonder what the motive is for the organization bringing him back.  Will he play the long relief role for Guerrier, who's due to hit the disabled list?  If he's thrust back into the rotation, is it because somebody believes he deserves another chance or because the Twins are trying to increase his trade value?  Is it because nobody has been beating up Ron Gardenhire's office door, and the door misses the attention?

If that's the case, Ron Gardenhire's Office Door, I have a number you can call.  There's help out there.

Whatever the case may be for Boof, Kyle, Scott, Pat, Carlos or any other number of pitchers, one thing is certain:  the shuffling of pitchers is far from over.  The Twins seem bound and determined to flip and flop over which pitchers they allow on the MLB roster until they magically stumble upon A: something that works, B: a pitcher who is hot for the moment, or C: an attractive trade in which we'll pick up a minor leaguer who might be able to help us in 3 or 4 seasons.

But...the weekend is here.  I feel better already.  Plus I'm going to the game on Sunday, and probably Tuesday...and Thursday as well.  As if I don't get enough baseball.  Enjoy your weekend.