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Francisco Liriano Named to All Star Team!

Better late than never, justice has been served.

Congratulations, Francisco.  You've earned this.

Liriano replaces White Sox starter Jose Contreras, who will not participate due to pitching six innings against the Red Sox last night.  At 10-1, with a league-leading 1.83 ERA, with a league-leading 0.97 WHIP, with a league-leading 10.39 K/9, with a league-leading .544 opponent OPS, you're damn right he belongs.

Said All Star Johan Santana: "There is no question that he should be here. The numbers that he has put up are impressive, unbelievable."

Said All Star Joe Mauer: "He's been amazing for us. I can't really say enough about what he has done this year. His stuff has been electric. He's obviously deserving."

Now, if only something could be worked out for Travis Hafner...