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Poll Open Chat: How Many Games Can the Twins Win?

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me many games will the Twins win on young Mauer's bat?

Actually, we can go full picture here. Not just Mauer's bat. How many games will the Twins win this year? While we've been incredible at home so far (30-10) and hideous on the road (17-29), both numbers being equally as outrageous on either side of the mean, I think each will slide back.

There are 76 games remaining; 41 at home and 35 away.  As much as I'd LOVE it to happen, I can't believe the Twins will win 30 or 31 more games at the Dome; nor will they win at a .370 clip on the road.  Going off the deep end I'll say we go 26-15 at home (.634) and 14-21 (.400) away from Minneapolis.  This will put the Twins at 87-76 for the year, winning at a .526 clip (40-36) the rest of the way.

And could say that's a little pessimistic.