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Aubrey Huff Traded

But not to the Twins, for those of us hoping the Twins were going to be buyers this month.

Huff was a piece realistically affordable by the Twins, and has been one of only a few names mentioned here in trade conversation.  Right-handed, and with the abilities to hit for power AND play third base, he fit the bill for what the Twins would need.  Instead, Tampa Bay traded Huff to Houston for minor league prospects Mitch Talbot and Ben Zobrist.  No surprise there.  Houston also receives cash from the Devil Rays.  Big surprise here.  

Houston, under .500 and trying to track down the Cardinals in the NL Central, have been in need of a middle-of-the-order hitter all season, since Jason Lane has been unable to get the job done.  As for trade speculation for Twins fans...back to the drawing board.