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Comparing Grades

This is funny...

I've been extremely busy the last few days, as I'm sure you can tell by the lack of posts since Wednesday.  This means that, in spite of my usual routine of research and checking the other Twins blogs, I haven't been doing so.  Imagine my surprise when I find Nick and Nick also passed out mid-season grades...and I was honestly quite amazed at how similar the grades were.  Check this out.

           Nick & Nick  TwinkieTown
Player      Overall      Overall  Off Def
Sierra         n/a       F
Tiffee         D+        C-       D-  C+
Rodriguez      C-        C-       D-  B-
Bartlett       B+        A-       A-  B+
Redmond        A         A-       A   B+
Kubel          A-        B        B+  C+
Castro         F         D-       F   C-
Stewart        C+        C        B-  D
Punto          B+        B+       B+  B+
Batista        F         F        F   D-
White          F         I (F)    F   D
Ford           C-        C-       D   C
Cuddyer        A-        B-       B   C
Mauer          A         A        A   A-
Morneau        A         A-       A   B
Castillo       C         C        C   C
Hunter         C+        B+       B   A-

Neshek         A         A
Reyes          B+        B+
Eyre           F         F
Guerrier       B-        B
Bonser         n/a       D+
Nathan         A         A
Crain          C-        C+
Rincon         A-        A
Baker          n/a       C-
Lohse          F         F
Liriano        A         A
Silva          D-        D-
Radke          C         C+
Santana        A-        A-

That's really pretty impressive to see how alike these grades are.  Yikes.  Great minds think alike.

I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the current winning streak, as well as the rash of injuries in the outfield.  In the meantime, I'm sure you all have your own thoughts on the matter.  Stay cool, little monkeys.