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Edit to Detroit Versus Minnesota

I'm not entirely sure WHY Curtis Granderson was left off of the Outfield/Designated Hitter list for the Tigers.  Here's a late addition to Part One.

Name              Age Gam   H HR RBI   RF  Avg  Obp  Slg  EQA  VORP
Curtis Granderson  25 100 107 11  47 2.74 .284 .367 .451 .275  24.7

The addition of this young and rising star to Detroit's current advantage in the OF/DH category only widens the gap between who the Tigers can play, and who the Twins have found to fill in the gaps.  Granderson plays a tight center field, and although he still has room to grow on jumps and angles, his speed usually makes up for any initial misjudgments.  Offensively, his power is still developing and he's already struck out 110 times, but his speed and gap power play to his advantage.  Curtis is still growing in most areas of his game; two years from now he'll be a household name in baseball.

I certainly didn't leave Granderson off the initial list on purpose.  In the end, my evaluation of the position doesn't change, other than to say Detroit's advantage in this area is now about as large as the Twins' advantage in the bullpen.  Whatever credibility was lost initially, hopefully this edit can make up for.

Game time is 7:10pm.  Let's go Twins!