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Bonser To Roshester

Coming from a story in the Star Tribune, Boof Bonser has been sent down following his lack-luster performance last night in Kansas City.  While the Twins won't need a fifth starter until July 17, the Tribune believes Kyle Lohse to be the leading candidate for the job.

While the story offers Pat Neshek and Beau Kemp as the players most likely to take Bonser's place, here's my offering:  how about Scott Baker?  He deserves another shot, and like Neshek is already on the 40-man roster.  Making room for Kemp would not be a problem however, since there are currently 2 places open on the 40-man.

Details from Rochester

Name          G    IP   H   ERA   K  BB  WHIP
Scott Baker   6  43.1  36  2.70  37  16  1.20
Pat Neshek   32  57.0  41  2.05  83  14  0.96
Beau Kemp    27  48.1  50  2.23  21  19  1.43

With Bonser removed from the rotation and Lohse being anything but effective, in good conscience I have to believe Baker is the best option to be recalled.  Neshek, also deserving of a shot, could be swapped out with Willie Eyre, but would probably be better suited replacing Kyle.  The question, of course, becomes what to do with Kyle.  Decisions, decisions...