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Your Mom Called...

...and she wants you to vote Liriano!  Last night as we slept, A.J. Pierzynski took the lead in the final vote from Francisco Liriano.

Voting ends late this afternoon, so if you haven't done so, get out there and vote Liriano!  Vote Pronk if you must, but A.J. is probably next-to-last in regards to which players "derserve" to go on this list, even though he's having a fantastic season.  Losing to Hafner I can deal with; losing to A.J. I can't.  And that has nothing to do with not liking him, because I do.

Okay, saying I "can't" deal with A.J. being voted in is a little over the top.  Nothing will happen to me if Pierzynki gets the nod; my head won't explode, I won't run into the streets shredding my clothes or gnashing my teeth.  I'd just be a lot happier if Liriano gets in, because he deserves to.  I've voted nearly 75 times, and I'm running out of email addresses.

Voting ends at 5 CT.   Vote for truth! Vote for justice! Vote the Minnesota way! Vote Liriano! Oh, your mom also said to pick up some milk on the way home, because she used the rest making lunch.