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Administrative Update

I think this is coming along quite nicely...

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to talk to you all quickly about a couple of things.  First of all, and I say this every time, but THANK YOU to those of you who keep coming back here everyday.  I know there are actaully quite a few of you who stop back not just once, but many times a day to this site.  I think that's absolutely fantastic, and I hope things continue along a course that will encourage you to keep doing so.  Most of the discussions are great.

A couple of the discussions, more short threads than discussions, aren't so great.  If there's one thing I've asked over the few months we've been active here at TwinkieTown, it's that you treat each other with respect.  This is a location for debate and argument, but there's a difference between that and arguing for the sake of arguing, especially when you really don't have anything useful to say.  There are a great many writers and commenters who I respect bueno for dropping by here on a nearly everyday basis, and I'll do what I deem in the best interest of them and any other reader/contributor to this site, in order to keep this a place where over 3000 pages are viewed on a daily basis.  This includes deleting comments when necessary, and banning (a) user(s) in cases where a user cannot play nice...or at least play intelligently.

In much happier news, TwinkieTown will surpass 140,000 unique visits later today, probably close to midnight.  At the rate things are climbing, we'll be well past 500,000 page views before the end of the month.  In July alone we set a TwinkieTown record easily, getting nearly 19,000 unique visits (almost 2000 more than June, the previous high).  As of today, August 16, we're already at 10,000.  Nice work, everyone!

Thanks again to all those who stop by, and a special thanks to those who put themselves out there and share their thoughts and takes with us.  This site is what it is because of the banter and exhange of ideas, and because anyone can post their take; keep it going.  If we haven't heard from you yet, sign up!  It's free!  It's the Twins!  And getting addicted to TwinkieTown is better than smoking!