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Open Thread: Twins Playoff Chances

The Twins won last night, 7-2!

The Twins picked up their 70th win of the season Wednesday night, as Jason Bartlett went 4-for-4 with a run scored and plenty of hustle, and Michael Cuddyer went yard for his 18th homer of the year.  With the game tied at 2 in the bottom of the eighth, Minnesota plated five to put the game away.  Cleveland falls to 13 games under .500, at 53-66.

Chicago faultered tonight, to the lowly Royals once again, bringing the Twins to within a game of the Wild Card lead.  As you wake up this morning, the Wild Card standings are as follows:

Team        W   L   GB
Chicago    71  48   --
Minnesota  70  49  1.0
Boston     69  50  2.0
Toronto    64  56  7.5

Create a list.  What are the most important things for the Twins over the next few weeks, things that will make the difference between contention and playing spoiler the last days of the 2006 season?