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Burt Blyleven Pronounciation Guide

For those of you who don't get the chance to listen to Burt and his colorful commentary on a regular basis, it's easy to become confused at "Burt-Speak".  Here is a simple guide to help you overcome any jargon issues.

Sounds Like        What he means
Pirantas             Piranhas

California Math      I can't do math

Mundee               Monday

Toozdee              Tuesday

Wenzdee              Wednesday

Thurzdee             Thursday

Fridee               Friday

Saturdee             Saturday

Sundee               Sunday

You are hereby       I like to draw
circled              circles

I gave up so many    I was so f*$@!#g
home runs, I can't   good I can joke about
remember.            all the dingers I allowed.
                     Why am I not in the Hall of
                     Fame? the Major      I can't count all the
League level...      numbers from the years prior
                     to the Major League level.
                     California math. (See above)

Only _ days until    I like cake.
my birthday.

...that's why I      I was so good I was around
lost 250 games.      long enough to lose 250
                     times...and still be
                     one of the best pitchers
                     of all time.  Bitches.

That's just a start.  Feel free to add your own!