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Musical Twins

Music affects everyone in different ways.

Pat Neshek does ballet in his spare time.  He just adores the music; and don't even get him started on the athletecism involved!

Johan Santana likes to figureskate.  He's become so popular with his finesse, he's become such a vision of perfection, that in his home country of Venzuela they've been passing out figurines of him mid-motion.  Here he's captured about to break into a triple...something...jump!

Jason Tyner is about to drop into a break-dancing move, the likes of which you nor I have ever seen.  Look out!  He's going to bust a move!

Justin Morneau spends his off-days being a DJ in a club.  He mixes records, old school style...none of those easy-to-use computer beat-matchers for Justin.  Wikee-wikee whaaa.

Joe Mauer just likes to hit the shit out of the ball.  Music is just a distraction.  Ex Miss Americas, however, are NOT distractions.