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Liriano Throwing

It's early...but no pain, so far.

Francisco Liriano played catch yesterday, using his arm to throw for the first time since going on the disabled list.  According to, Liriano took 30 throws from 60 feet, without incident.  This is good news for the Twins (and of course us, the Twins fans), who could use Liriano down the stretch...if only sparingly and lightly.  Ron Gardenhire had this to say about Liriano's throwing session and how taking time off now will have an effect on his future:

"We're just going to let him play catch and slowly get to the next level. We're not using a timetable.  All we're interested in right now is that he's able to go out there and play catch and doesn't feel anything. The progression starts now with his throwing program...It's been a valuable lesson because it's going to lengthen his career.  He'll get away from a serious injury because he's taking care of himself now...This is a process of learning to do everything the right way now."

Liriano will continue his throwing exercises today; his shoulder will remain under intense scrutiny.  If there is any sign of pain, rest assured he will be shut down.  At this point, IF Liriano returns to the rotation, the most optimistic scenario has him starting one game before the playoffs begin.

Just enough time to kick off that rust.