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Reyes Signs Extension

Lefty One Out Guy is offered a paycheck through 2008.

Courtesy of, Dennys Reyes has signed a 2-year extension worth $2,000,000, which will take effect at the end of this season.  Reyes will be 30 and 31 in 2007 and 2008 respectively, giving the Twins what looks to be an inexpensive and effective left-handed option out of the bullpen for the next two-plus seasons.

So far this season, Reyes has far exceeded his career numbers.

Frame      IP   ERA   WHIP   AVG   K/9   H/9
Career  557.0  4.54   1.58  .267  8.24  9.18
2006     37.1  0.96   0.83  .185  8.68  5.79

While this doesn't show us anything we don't already know, that Reyes is having nothing shy of a career year, this doesn't make the contract any worse of a move.  As long as Reyes isn't relied upon to be a starter, and as long as he doesn't have to go two-plus innings at a stretch, he'll continue to be effective.  Yes, even if not as effective as he's been in 2006.

This is nothing short of an ideal contract.  At $1,000,000 per season, it's a good amount to pay a specialist who will get a lot of appearances but not an abundance of innings.  If Reyes continues to succeed, he'll earn his check, and he won't be overpaid.  If Reyes stumbles, being on the books for $1,000,000 is a sustainable hit...even for the Twins.

Congratulations, Dennys.  I'm glad we locked you up.