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Open Thread: Point Five

Wild Card magic number is down to 8, while the division lead...SMELL IT!

With Tuesday night's victory over what appeared to be mostly a lost Red Sox team, coupled with the White Sox victory over the Tigers, the Twins are the closest they've been to winning the division since 2004.  Detroit is about to be rear-ended by the Twins.

At this point, does it matter if the Twins win the division?  After such a massive comeback from where they were the first week of June, does taking the AL Central (even from baseball's best team for most of the season) really mean anything?

Who would you rather play in the postseason?  Winning the division would likely mean Oakland would be our first round opponent, while clinching the Wild Card would take us to New York for round one.  What's the deciding factor--winning the division and homefield advantage, or simply making the playoffs, even if it is to play the Yankees?