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Labor Day Love Fest

The Vixen flies in this afternoon from England, so in case I don't make it back today, check out these blogs...

This edition of Love Fest is all about a few blogs which may or may not be flying under your radar.  We all know the big ones...Bat-Girl, Gleeman, TG, Nick & Nick, SBG, the list goes on.  There's a reason those are some of the most popular, but here are five more that you shouldn't be missing out on.

¡Viva Rivas!:  This is a new one I haven't seen before Sunday night.  Posts have been frequent (at least in the last few days which is as far as I read), and it's good reading.  Check out another Twins blog!

Battle Your Tail Off:  These guys are relative newcomers, and are long overdue for some TwinkieTown love.  They've done quite a few Q&A's over the last month or so, including a good one with LEN III.  BYTO should be on your weekly reading list for Twins stories.  They have blogs on other Twins sports, too, if that's your thing.

Twins Without Spin:  I've been reading Twins Without Spin for most of the summer, and I haven't been disappointed.  It's amazing how many Twins fans are out there, and how many of them are informed enough to write blogs worth reading.  This is another great one.

Twins Territory via the Colonel:  Taking the Twins Territory moniker, the Colonel consistently posts some good takes.  They're not always on the Twins, but baseball is the theme.

Thank You Brian Sabean:  TYBS has become another new favorite of mine.  Not only is the name fantastic, but the content is very solid.  Posts are frequent, so be sure to add this blog to your stop.

Enjoy your Monday, everybody, and I hope you had a fun weekend.