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An Interview With Big League Baseball Report

Head on over to 360 The Pitch:  Big League Baseball Report to catch me doing a 30-minute Twins preview with some of the guys from View From the Bleachers.  The first half of the podcast has to do with the Texas Rangers, but right around the 30:30 mark is where I'm introduced and we get down to the business of Minnesota baseball.

My audio is a bit quiet at times but overall it sounds good and it was a lot of fun, and the guys on the other end did a great job of making me feel comfortable and did well dictating the flow of coversation as I have a tendency to rattle on.  And on.  And on...

But, honestly, my whole idea on whether or not Justin Morneau should have won the MVP varies from day to day.  It's all about perspective. Last night, I would have voted for somebody else. Sorry, Justin.