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Friday Frivolity: The Fall Mix, 2007

Before I loved baseball, and before I even loved girls, I loved music.

As if being a Twins blogger wasn't nerdy enough, every season I create a mix of music for a handful of my friends.  A vast majority of it is new stuff, but there are usually a small number of songs included that can't be considered 'new'.  So here, for the first time, I present the track listing of one of my seasonal mixes:  the Fall '07 mix.

Trk  Band                           Title
1    Oasis                          F***in' In the Bushes
2    VHS Or Beta                    She Says
3    The Vines                      Autumn Shade
4    Plain White T's                Gimmee A Chance
5    Jimmy Eat World                Big Casino
6    The Arctic Monkeys             The Bad Thing
7    Linkin Park                    Session
8    Hexstatic                      Red Laser Beam
9    Tegan & Sara                   Back In Your Head
10   Toploader                      Achilles Heel
11   Fountains of Wayne             '92 Subaru
12   Blaqk Audio                    Stiff Kittens
13   Quarashi                       Bless
14   Foo Fighters                   The Pretender
15   Travis                         3 Times & You Lose
16   The Fratellis                  Flathead
17   Razorlight                     America
18   Air                            Clouds Up
19   Sound the Alarm                Picture Perfect
20   The Good, the Bad & the Queen  Herculean
21   Interpol                       The Heinrich Maneuver
22   Poets & Pornstars              Rock & Roll

Like what you like and leave out all the rest.  Have a good Friday, everyone.