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Ex-Twins In the Playoffs

There's quite a few...

This is as close as Twins fans are getting to October baseball:  living vicariously through players who at one point or another passed through Minnesota.

Obviously some of these guys won't be making post-season rosters.  Rivas, Ojeda...SERAFINI.  Yes, Dan Serafini put in time at the top with the Colorado Rockies.  Well done, sir, well done.

Pos     Name                   Team     
3B  Casey Blake         Cleveland Indians
C   Henry Blanco        Chicago Cubs
IF  Jeff Cirillo        Arizona Diamondbacks
RP  J.D. Durbin         Philadelphia Pillies
RP  Aaron Fultz         Cleveland Indians
IF  Chris Gomez         Cleveland Indians
RP  LaTroy Hawkins      Colorado Rockies
OF  Jacque Jones        Chicago Cubs
OF  Bobby Kielty        Boston Red Sox
SP  Kyle Lohse          Philadelphia Pillies
1B  Doug Mientkiewicz   New York Yankees
IF  Augie Ojeda         Arizona Diamondbacks
DH  David Ortiz         Boston Red Sox
RP  Ramon Ortiz         Colorado Rockies
SP  Mark Redman         Colorado Rockies
IF  Luis Rivas          Cleveland Indians
RP  J.C. Romero         Philadelphia Pillies
RP  Dan Serafini        Colorado Rockies

The only playoff team without a former Twins is the Los Angeles Angels.  And that's only because they're stuck up.

If I've missed anyone, feel free to add on.  October baseball started on Monday with one of the best games I've ever seen in my life, but the post-season starts Wednesday.  I am so ready for this.