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It's Official: I Blog

I realize that I've been pretty much a homer in what I've been listing as my starting prices, but I would never confuse myself with someone who "should be the one in charge of the Twins".  Until now.  I've changed my mind.  I should be in charge of the Twins, because I Am Minnesota (And So Can You!)

Anyway, I've made some friends over at Metsblog and the NYFS forum.  Some don't like my ideas as much as others strongly dislike my ideas (probably because they aren't American/Minnesotan), but this is my favorite comment so far:

"Message Board 101:  In the absence of any real knowledge, try and sound like an authority and people will believe you."

Here's where they're wrong, because I'm not trying to get people to believe me.  I'm trying to get me to believe myself.  But at least they're right on one account:  I have no real knowledge.  The entirety of my knowledge is either contrived and/or false.  I often make things up as I go.  I'll give you an example.

There once was a baseball player named Pat Meares, who the Twins allowed to become a free agent.  They received no compensation when he departed, and as a result my dad wasn't very happy.

See?  How would you know if that's actual knowledge or just some truthiness?  For all you know I'm full of s**t.  Well, I can assure you that I'm not.  (Yes, I am.)

Anyway, they say you haven't made it (as a blogger) until you've been ripped by other blogs not your own, and not another blog about the same team you blog about either it has to be a blog about another team or a blog not about a team at all.

I'm just excited I'm being ripped.