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Turkey Day Hot Stove League: Hunter Gets His

Aaron Gleeman had the first link to the news: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Torii Hunter is the newest Los Angeles Anaheim Orange County Or Whatever Angel.  It's a five-year deal for $80 million.

It's not one of those "insider report" things, either - it includes quotes from the Angels' GM and from Hunter's agent. It's legit, and it's the confirmation of something we all knew anyway: Torii Hunter has left the building.

It's too bad; I had a Benedict Arnold-themed post all worked up, in case Hunter signed with the White Sox.

Hunter joins an Angels outfield that didn't really have a spot free, what with Gary Matthews into his second year of a gargantuan deal to play center field, Vlad in right field, and Garret Anderson in left.  The speculation is that Anderson will move to DH.

If you want a quick glimpse into how things work differently if you're a big-market have, rather than a small-market have-not, there's your example.  $50 million contract for a center fielder didn't work out quite the way you planned?  Sign another one for $80 million!  It's no problem!  Meanwhile, the Twins will be over here pinching pennies, dithering over offering the best pitcher in baseball an extra two years on his contract extension.