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Cordero = Big Big Contract

Because I thought it might be nice to talk about something other than Hunter leaving for a little while:


So Fransisco Cordero, a good closer, who is 32 years of age, just got a 4 year, 46 million dollar deal to play for the Reds, of all people.  The deal includes a club option for a fifth year at 12 million.  I don't know if/what the buyout terms of that are.

As if we didn't already know Nathan was ging to be too expensive.  This is just insane!  I have no problem with players taking all the money they can, and I don't have the anger some people have about baseball players making so much money to play a game.  It's just capitalism I say.  I do have a problem with the players getting signed to insane deals they don't warrant.  And Cordero is even good!

Anyways, the closer market just got pushed up a bunch more.  If a 32 year old Cabrera can make almost 12 mil a year over 4 years, think of how much a fantastic closer can make.

K-Rod and Nathan are gonna get BIIIIIG paydays next year...

At this point, I've personally resigned to the fact that it's probably time to reload a bit and this strikes me as just another good reason to trade Nathan now (especially if we can get Broxton in the Santana deal).  Do you think that this, in any way, affects Bill Smith's decisions?  Or was he probably expecting the market to keep going like this?