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Hot Stove Heating Up

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This isn't even the half of it.  Twins rumors are popping up all over the place, and it's hard to keep track of them all.  Who, where, how, when?  I have absolutely no idea.

  •  Ken Rosenthal on Joe Nathan and Matt Garza rumors.
  •  Dayn Perry jumps in on the Santana-to-a-big-market-team wagon, then tries to throw Seattle, Tampa Bay, Detroit and Texas into the mix.
  •  Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald says the Red Sox are happy to throw Coco Crisp into a Santana deal, but are hesitant to part with Jacoby Ellsbury.  Hmm, I wonder why?
  •  Kat O'Brien of speculates on a (very weak) package that the Twins could ask of the Yankees, before getting to this very un-Yankee like quote from Steinbrenner:  "We can't mortgage the rest of the future plus pay the rest of the contract."  What?  A STEINBRENNER said that?  Doesn't he realize that with nearly unlimited funds, there will always be a "future", no matter how weak his farm system is?
  •  La Velle E. Neal III chimes in on the "If Jo-Jo Go, So Do Joe" bit.  I love you La Velle, but how `bout them Bears?
  •  The Star Ledger couldn't have just one person write a 10-paragraph (and about 20-sentence) article on the Yankees/Santana gambit, so both Lisa Kennelly and Ed Price (did they alternate sentences?) insist that both Chamberlain and Cano are "off-limits".  That sucks for the Yankees, because if that's the case it probably means they're going to be "off-limits" as a trade partner.  The best part is that they lead with this:  "To acquire pitcher Johan Santana, the Yankees are willing to consider trading center fielder Melky Cabrera as well as one of their top young pitchers."  Wow!  A veritable treasure trove!
  •  Pro Sports Daily has links up the wazoo.  Enjoy.