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Preliminary Possibly-Leaked Mitchell Report

UPDATE: As noted above, this list was complete and total crap.

The Mitchell Report may end up being 300 pages of reprimand for both the league and the players' association, but 95% of the attention paid to the document will focus on one thing: the list of players named.  Deadspin, among other places, has posted a preliminary maybe-this-is-it-maybe-it's-not list.

The only three players on the possibly-wrong list with Twins ties are Bret Boone, Matt Lawton, and Juan Rincon. Considering that Lawton and Rincon already got caught, and Boone was obvious to anybody who ever looked at the dropoff in his stats, the list can hardly be surprising for Twins fans.

Frankly, most of the rest of the list is that way too.  Gary Sheffield? Sammy Sosa? Roger Clemens? Pudge "I lost 25 pounds in the offseason because, um, I'm awesome" Rodriguez?  Snooze.

All that's left is to wait until 1:00, when we see whether this list was a hoax or not.