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Mitchell Report Update Thread

Check out Jesse's news about the Twins signing Adam Everett below...

I'll post updates about the Mitchell Report's contents here.  

12:57: Jeremy Schaap, flipping through the report on camera, just suggested that both Denny Neagle and Rondell White are named as players who wrote personal checks to Mets clubhouse guy Kirk Radomski.

1:08: Here's the link to the report.

1:11: Yep, both White and Neagle are named in the report. Both sent checks to Radomski, who supplied both with steroids. However, this was before White was a Twin, and long after Neagle was with the team. The last check from White to Radomski was dated September of 2005; he joined the Twins in 2006.

1:15: Former Twin Chuck Knoblauch is named as one of the guys that Yankees trainer Brian McNamee injected with HGH. This was, of course, after Knoblauch left the Twins.

1:19: Mitchell says he wants Selig to "forgo" punishing players named in the report, except in cases where the abuse was so serious it taints the integrity of the game. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds - George Mitchell's looking at you.

1:24: Yeah, that earlier list? It's pretty much complete bunk. Bret Boone, Matt Lawton, and Juan Rincon all do NOT appear in the report.

1:27: An unreported incident involves the Twins. A quote from the report:

In 2000 or 2001, a visiting clubhouse manager working for the Minnesota Twins found a used syringe on top of a trash can in the visitors’ clubhouse. He brought the incident to the attention of the Twins manager, Tom Kelly, who told him to dispose of the syringe and to be careful doing so. Kelly confirmed the incident and said that he did not report the incident to anyone because he felt it "wasn’t any of [his] business" and that it was the other team’s issue to address.
So the report suggests steroids were used at the Dome, but by somebody in the visiting clubhouse. (I'm not suggesting Tom Kelly has anything to do with steroid use here, don't get me wrong.)

1:35: Former Twin Chad Allen cooperated with Mitchell, and is named in the report. The report suggests that Allen did this after leaving the Twins, but that he did it in response to a knee injury he sustained while with Minnesota.

1:39: Former Twin Dan Naulty is named in the report as a steroid user. Naulty admitted that he used steroids before the 1993 season (and, presumably, afterwards), while he was with Twins minor league affiliate Fort Wayne. Soon after, he began rising through the organization, to AA ball in 1994, AAA in 1995, and then to the majors with the Twins in 1996. Here's the quote from the report:

Naulty started using steroids as a minor league player, before the 1993 season, because he needed to put on weight. Naulty learned about steroids from other players. After starting his steroid regimen Naulty reported to spring training for the 1993 season approximately 20 pounds heavier and throwing five miles per hour harder than he did the year before. Naulty said that he went "from an A-ball pitcher to a major league prospect in a matter of two years."
As far as I can find, Naulty is the only person named in the report to use steroids while with the Twins organization.

1:50: The Jack Cust and Brian Roberts phenomena? Yep, juiced.

1:51: Nathan has posted the entire list of people named in the report in the comments. Check it out.

Final Thoughts: From a Twins standpoint, I think the two biggest stories are Rondell White and Dan Naulty. White's a big story because he was buying steroids at least through the end of 2005. His OPS+ was 122 that year, he signed with the Twins in the offseason, and promptly turned in OPS+ numbers of 66 in 2006 and 48 in 2007. He was often injured during those two years, too, and the easy connection - true or untrue - to make is that he stopped taking steroids before joining Minnesota, which caused him to have terrible years (and, effectively, steal money from the club.)

Naulty is a big story because he was actually with the organization at the time of his use. Who in the Twins minor league system knew about him using steroids, if anyone? Did his teammates know? Who else in the minor-league system at that time used steriods, if anyone?