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Your 2008 Twins Third Baseman: Mike Lamb?

Anybody who saw this one coming is either psychic or kidding themselves: the Twins have signed former Astro 3B Mike Lamb to a two-year contract.  (Note that ericinmadison posted this over an hour ago, and if I could figure out how to promote his post to the front page, I would.)

Lamb is 32 years old, and hit .289/.366/.453 last year with 11 HR and 40 RBI in 124 games for the Astros.  His OPS+ numbers for the last four years were 119, 81, 113, and 112.  In the field, he posted a .619 RZR in 58 games at third base last year, which puts him on the low side of things.

To recap, in the last two days, the Twins have gone out and bought themselves a left side of the infield from the discount rack, getting one decent hitter and one pretty good fielder.  I'm not sure this is what we were all hoping for, but it's what we're stuck with now.