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Present Under the Tree: Changes are Coming

TwinkieTown admins are huddled, 24/7, under blankets with hot cocoa, staring at their gift under the tree.

Ubelmann, Cmathewson, AdamOnFirst, Jon and Jesse hadn't moved for weeks.  It was a fake tree, but thanks to Jon's pine-scented Glade Air Freshener, it was almost like the real thing.

"How much longer?" asked AdamOnFirst.

"Not too much longer," said Jesse.

"What are we waiting for, exactly," pondered Cmathewson as he popped in It's A Wonderful Life.

Ubelmann stood up, taking his blanket and cocoa with him.  Approaching the ornately decorated tree, he stooped and picked up the solitary wrapped gift from underneath.  He shook it.

"Who's it from?" asked AdamOnFirst.

"SBNation," read Ubelmann from the tag.

"Do you know what it is?" pushed Jon.

"Nope," responded Ubelmann quietly as he pondered what could be inside the box, "but PECOTA projections have this sucker off the chart.  This thing is gonna be good."

For what seemed like minutes, the five admins just stared at the gift, as they'd done for days on end and would continue to do for...well, for who knew how long.  Christmas might not arrive ON Christmas.  Then, a sly grin ran across Jesse's lips.  "I've seen screen shots," he said as though he was telling a secret.  Four heads snapped to attention.

"WHAT?!?" spat AdamOnFirst.

"You're joking," laughed Ubelmann.

"You sonofabitch, you've been holding out on us," accused Jon.

Cmathewson just raised an eyebrow.  "Are you just pumping us full of crap?  Is that actually an empty box from you?  Is this just some sad ploy to ensure you're not alone on Christmas?"

"Nope," smiled Jesse.  "Big changes are in that box.  I can promise you that.  And it's gonna affect all of us."

All eyes returned to the curious gift that could not be opened until...sometime soon.  "It's a gift for everyone, right?" asked Jon.  "For everyone at TwinkieTown?"

"Absolutely it is," smiled Jesse.  "I can't wait to open that puppy."

Somewhere in the background, George Bailey was about to lasso the moon.