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Pressing Carlos Silva Questions

Carlos Silva has signed a four-year, $48 million deal with Seattle.

I have a thousand questions, but here are the eight most pressing:

  1. Did the Johan Santana market just top $30 million per year?
  2. Is it possible that every semi-established pitcher in the league could legitimately demand $5 million in arbitration next year?
  3. Does the Mariners front office use fifties or hundreds to light cigars?
  4. Will we eventually remember Gil Meche as the beginning of the end for baseball?
  5. Where can I go to train to become a middle-of-the-pack major league pitcher?
  6. Does Greg Maddux sob himself to sleep, wishing he had been born ten years later?
  7. Did Boof just go out and buy two million bucks' worth of stuff, all on payment plans involving no interest and no financing for three years?
  8. Are the Twins uncompetitive financially even before the facade of the new ballpark rises?
Last year, Torii Hunter and Carlos Silva made just over $16 million, together.  Their contracts now total $30 million per year.

Frankly, that's just stunning.