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In Case of Fire

So this requires just a bit of explanation.  Those of you who read Will Young's page know about his Win chance added series throughout the year.  Every time Neshek came in for the big outs, he's post a picture with the "Neshek Button," the button Gardenhire hits instead of panicking when times get tough.  When, oh, I dunno, the Twins need a fire put out.

SO I had the idea of this image.  Mind you, this was in about July before he had rough patches, but I still feel that this image is enjoyable enough to be out there.  And really, how rough REALLY is it for a 26 year-old blogging reliever to have a 2.94 ERA.

Please now go and read Jesse entry below which is an ACTUAL blog post (pshhhhh, who needs those) and has a great overview of the Santana situation as it stands.  It talks about Phil Huhges, is a great source of 9 vital vitamins and minerals, AND tastes great.  So please, go enjoy.