Santana to the Red Sox

Nothing is confirmed, but several sources indicate that the Twins will accept the Red Sox offer of Lester, Crisp, Lowrie and Masterson, including LEN3, who stayed up until 2 a.m. waiting for official word.

Meanwhile, that Yankees Blowhard is saying the trade with the Twins is "probably off", leaving the Red Sox the prime suitor.

So if the reports are true, the Sox will try to get a deal done with Peter Greenberg, Santana's agent, before the end of the winter meetings. Don't expect an official announcement from the Twins or Sox until then, but there are saying roughly the same thing as LEN3, that I would be shocked if it didn't happen.

This means the Twins are hoping Crisp can rebound to his 2005 form, when he was an above average offensive player to go along with his above average defense. They also get Lowrie--who I think is the key to the deal as Bartlett's apparent backfill--and Lester, who will instantly become the Twins third starter. The more I think about it, the more I think this is the best deal on the table so far. I love Ellsbury, but getting him meant creating a huge hole in the rotation. All things considered, I'd rather have Crisp and Lester than Ellsbury alone.

Your thoughts?